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  • Internet Advertisement
  • Web Content Development
  • Website Design
  • Web Applications Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Portal Administration
  • OpenMarket

BBN Business Solution moves your business from unknown to a high-profit enterprise. Our team will plan a growth centric web-presence pathway for your company and present you with pragmatic alternative product combination designed to take your business from just being online to being profitably online.
BBN Business packages include:


Buy, Sell and Resell: Advertise your products, generate leads and have your customers watching for your new products at the BBN OpenMarket. Read More

Website Design

Your web presence needs a fine touch. Our design philosophy is based on the fundamental understanding of how website visitors use web pages. Read More

Web Application Development

The web is no longer static. It is where businesses run themselves and the entrepreneurs play with the analytics. Let’s automate your business processes or, if you wish, your enterprise. Read More

Internet Advertising

Every minute, BBN is interconnecting people and businesses across the web and mobile network.   Advertise your product for free on the BBN OpenMarket and across the BBN network. Read More

Web Hosting

Your web presence needs to be reliable. We have established a partnership with one of the world’s leading web-hosting company with a view to providing you 99.99% availability so that your website / applications is, guaranteed, always online. Read More

Website Management

Unlike many others, at BBN your web presence begins when your website first comes online. We proceed with the management of your website content. Read More

Web Content Development

We develop all web-content type ranging from the text, images and audio-visual content your website requires. Where the situation requires we don’t do this alone. We also work with tested professionals and organisations that possess the experience which will make return your project perfect. Read More

  • OpenMarket
  • Website Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Internet Advertising
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Management
  • Web Content Development
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